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Home Staging Made Simple, Loving it While Listing It

If you are selling your home, fall in love with the space one last time. Think of your home listing as a property where prospective buyers are going to decide from the doorway whether or not they love the space, so decide that you love it to. They are going to mentally begin to move in as they start the tour or feel as though they can't imagine themselves living there. Remember what you loved about the home and accentuate those details beginning with the front yard. Trim the hedges, clean the deck and plant some flowers should the season call for it. Invite them in and allow them to feel at home. Once inside read on for tips on creating balance, flow and simplicity that potential buyers will not forget. First impressions are everything. Create a calm environment that is free of clutter from the moment they walk in. This entryway has a simple but elegant table and a few decorative pieces to add some interest. Arranging items in ones and threes is rule of thumb as it builds progression and flow in any space.


Be mindful of not having any personal items such as family pictures and heirlooms covering the walls and shelving. Remember clutter eats equity! It also will make rooms appear smaller. Declutter, simplify and bring in accent pieces that accentuate the homes color scheme. Rearrange furniture to create open walkways as well. Take a test drive through your home and see if there are any awkward furniture pieces in the way. Removing them is an opportunity to pair down before your move.

Fresh flowers and inviting seating add warmth and a sense of calm to this living room space below. The seating is arranged in front of the window which overlooks the backyard, but it does not obstruct the beautiful view. If you have hard wood floors it's a great idea to show them off but having area rugs as well will balance the room and bring in color. For focal points in a room such as a fireplace, make it the focal point! Declutter the mantle, keep it clean and add in some interest with accent pieces of varying heights. This will make for a great design and draw the buyer's attention to it. If the focal point is a window keep the window sill clutter free and open the blinds or window treatments to allow natural light to flow. Lightning is important in any room of the home.

plants and paint



Furniture and lighting placed evenly on either side of a larger piece balances the space and actually creates feelings of harmony, stability and wellness. Those are feelings you want potential buyers in your home to experience and remember when they leave. The room below is a great example of creating balance and simplicity. Hard and soft lines in a room should compliment each other similar to the couch and round chair below. Squared off tables and end tables balance the lines well.

upstairs room

Setting your kitchen table as if you were ready for a dinner party will allow the buyer to envision entertaining within the space, however going overboard may deter them from looking at the rest of the kitchen. Keep it simple and light. Stick to a color scheme that works within the space. Leave some breathing room on the table as well, as with most flat surfaces in the home less is more! Key words for table staging- entertain, relax and enjoy.

table with flowers 2 table with flowers 3 table with flowers 4Clear those kitchen counters and leave one or two essentials. A bowl of fruit or lemons and some flowers are just the right touch. Clear counter tops will give buyers the opportunity to see how much prep space they have and will allow the kitchen to appear larger.

Less is best when staging your home and getting it ready to sell. The time you put into the details and finishing touches will certainly go a long way, and is so important to consider for a quick sell!

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