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Taking Back Your Closet in 3 Steps

"Half of what makes pretty look good is order, so start by decluttering. And then relentlessly organize. Honey it's hard for style to dwell amid chaos" Designer Elaine Griffin

I had the opportunity this past week to be one of the 3 x 3 speakers at the PVD Lady Project Clothing Swap here in Providence. Also in attendance was Big Brothers and Big Sisters of RI, who generously gathered up the clothing that was left over and will use them as donations towards their programs. I've always loved the concept of a clothing swap. You're taking the time to clean out your closet, make choices on what stays and what goes and making room for new items. Then you get to shop for free!  A clothing swap will also give you the opportunity to completely re-evaluate what's happening in your closet. The good, the bad and ugly. Since I'm always preaching the one in one out rule, this was the perfect example of how that concept does work. Making space for something new that will replace an item you feel is no longer bringing you joy is much more powerful of an action than you may realize. When anything in our lives no longer brings us joy releasing it immediately tells the universe that we're ready for something new. It's a very powerful way to invite in positive change. All that goodness from just cleaning out a closet!

Here I am preaching it to the lovely ladies that attended

As a 3 x 3 speaker at the swap I had 3 minutes to talk about what I do as an organizer and also give tips on how to keep your closet organized. I could talk about organizing for 3 hours so I wanted to make sure that I gave my best tips for keeping your closet tidy and a place you love to visit and shop in. Drum roll top 3 tips below...

The hanger police has arrived 

1. I am the hanger police and I'm ok with it. We have to ditch the wire and plastic hangers once and for all. Space saving hangers are going to streamline your closet instantly, keep your clothing from landing on the floor and give you at least 30% more space. If this is the one and only organizing item investment you decide to make within your closet it's a good one!

Your Closet is a Boutique, and Has Your Name Written All Over it 

2. Take your name and add boutique at the end, so in my case my closet would be named Lauren's boutique. Think about what a boutique named after you would look like in terms of what's available for purchase. It probably wouldn't include shoes with broken soles, shirts with holes in them or that pair of jeans we literally haven't worn since high school. It would be filled with clothing, shoes and accessories that we absolutely love! Anytime you open those closet doors feel as those you walked into your boutique, and the moment something isn't making you happy let it go. Think of your items you don't love as moving onto the sale rack, it's time for them to no longer be front and center and add in something that gets you excited to get dressed.

Like Items Like to Live Together  

3. Pants with pants, short sleeves with short sleeves, heel height together. Opposites don't play well together in your closet. You get the idea. While it may seem over the top to keep things so organized, it's actually saving you time and money. When you get dressed you can find what you need, and when you shop it's pretty clear how many black dresses you already own. Keeping like with likes also keeps you from wasting time when getting dressed. Last time I checked time is something very precious to all of us!

I'm on a mission to help you find clarity in your space, and believe it's achievable. By adopting these 3 simple tips you will be on your way to living a little lighter this spring. Stay tuned for more posts and workshop announcements for the Organized for Life series Live Lighter this Spring!

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Thanks for reading, your simplicity expert