New Year Resolutions

How to Ditch the New Year's Resolutions and Still Make Lasting Changes

At the end of every year I always find that I don't focus on resolutions for the New Year, that would just be too much pressure. We're celebrating the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. To list out resolutions that might include a strict exercise routine,  a no carb diet or less time on the internet may in fact help someone's health or well being but creates pressure to follow through. Last time I checked in none of us need more pressure. Instead I reflect on the past year and zone in on the things that I felt I did well, or not so well, the things that worked or didn't quite work well. Then I make a decision to tweak things based on what feels right. I always make choices from a place of what feels good. This is where I find the best follow through, because when you tune into your feelings and what you truly want the pressure is gone. I like to call it my New Years Feel Good List, rather than New Years Resolutions. I start my list by writing down anything I think worked well for me throughout the year, as well add my achievements and use some pretty descriptive words centered around how those actions made me feel. Then on the flip side I think about anything I felt I could have done better and think about the way those choices made me feel. I'm pretty confident none of us want to feel crappy about any decisions we make. I ask myself the question, how can I turn this around? Never aiming for perfection, just tweaking. For instance, the last 4 months my time management skills could have been better. In the New Year I'm committing to having less on my plate and focusing on specific tasks without overloading my calendar, and that feels better.

I'm organized by nature so making lists comes pretty easy to me, but when I am approaching a list based on feelings it's even easier. That is the reason I love approaching goals this way, because it works for everyone. Just spill it. Let it all out, the good the bad and the ugly. One of the things I have learned over the last 3 years working with clients is that once you become clear about how something is making you feel there is an immediate shift in energy. If the clutter in your home is making you stressed, tired or anxious then decide how you'd rather feel and that will motivate you to take the next steps. If you aren't feeling so great about your diet choices think about ways you can have fun making new recipes that are healthier, and still taste great. Whatever you want to change, tweak or eliminate it must be replaced with a feel good solution rather than deprivation or fear about the change.

2015 is just about here. Let's all make a commitment to ditch the resolutions and instead make our New Year all about feeling great. Wherever you start you're already halfway there.