Word of the Year

CYMERA_20150102_083044 On the eve of New Year's Eve I found myself surrounded by 12 women, sitting in a circle, drinking hot chocolate in the coziest of dining rooms. The pillow that was propped up behind me read "don't quit your daydream" and I suppose my daydream was the reason I was there, but it turns out it was so much more than that. When you have a daydream that your committed to and you're living out loud amazing moments, just like that night, start to happen everyday. That's when the magic unfolds and you realize that when you follow your bliss everything has purpose, real intention and heart. The workshop was hosted by Carole Ann Penney, a life purpose coach of Connect The Dots, and Patsy Culp lifestyle blogger and creator of & Celebrate. Two incredibly talented and amazing women who were kind enough to host this magical evening guiding us towards our intention word for 2015. My word is focus.

I choose the word focus for one reason, because it's actually difficult for me to do. I'm a lover of many things and wear multiple hats. Business owner, wife, daughter, sister, auntie, blogger, full-time worker...and I'm in love with design, decorating, making things beautiful. Sometimes it's hard to plan the day. I don't apologize for my passion in life. I think it's what makes me humble and why my perspective is so positive. I find wonder in everything I do, see and experience. I believe this is the reason why we are all here. To experience life to the fullest. This year I will tune in more, stay focused on my vision, family and my daydream. I will focus on the good.

In 2014 I hosted my first PVD Lady Project workshop, became part of the editorial team for Thirty Something Magazine, Rhode Island Creative Magazine as well as the PVD Lady Project blog. I was a vendor at RI's first health and wellness event, The Mind Body Spirit Expo. My business grew along with my monthly newsletter subscribers and my YouTube subscribers. I reached almost 4,000 YouTube views, hundreds of visitors to my site weekly, 37,000 blogger views and over 500 new likes on my Facebook page. I believe our homes and work spaces are a reflection of our lives, and every home I enter I want to be focused on making beautiful, organized and simplified. This is why the growth of my business and message is so exciting to me. I'm never quitting this daydream.

To 2015 I say hello, pleased to meet you. I am focused and ready for whatever you got. I also hope this year finds you filled up with your daydreams, and many blessings. We have one life so let's always remember to make sure the circle we sit in is surrounded by beauty, dreams and magic.

Love and light, your organizer