Why I Became a Light Worker

12165838_10153353131506137_203977504_n"Why did you become an organizer, what's so great about helping people deal with all their stuff"? This was asked by a woman recently in the parking lot at the market. I was loading up my car with groceries and she saw my business info which is in plain sight on my car magnet. I've been asked this question before. From clients, family, friends and in this case strangers. It's an honest question. The job is not glamorous. It involves work, standing for hours and can feel like a game of tetris. Figuring out what will fit where, how it all makes sense in the space. It also involves patience. Not everyone sees my simplified view on things, they aren't always as interested in just letting go. But I don't focus on those aspects of the business. They aren't important. So I make it about what is important. I make is about how it makes me feel, and in turn how others feel. Since I was 18 I've always worked in the retail and the consumer goods industry. It's about more. More sales, more customers, more numbers. At one point I had no idea that this concept of more was not meant for me. When you're young you're searching for where you belong, how you fit in the world. When you're feeling lost you tend to look outside of yourself for the answers. The external things become a fix for you. So I went along with the more mentality and shopping became my external fix. The thing about "fixes" is that they are temporary and meaningless. My closet was filled up with so much but in actuality it was really filled with emptiness. Eventually I started searching inside instead and focusing on what makes me feel good and that's when everything changed.

I knew how I felt when walking into a room and seeing things perfectly placed, in order but still filled with personality and life. I love that perfect balance between organization and inviting in the unexpected. For me simplicity is never about perfection but rather about your possessions consisting of only what you love. Finding that clutter free balance and feeling at ease in a space. I can't explain why. I just know that I feel a sense of calm, happiness and excitement in any space that is truly embraced and simplified. I knew 2.5 years ago that I wanted to help people feel that way in their space. I also know that stuff does not define us, dictate who we are inside as human beings and that life as a slave to your possessions is a heavy existence. I believe in living light. I believe in this because once I let go of the person I was pretending to be and stepped into who I truly was my energy, focus and life began to shift. Spreading that to others truly became my mission.

I consider myself a light worker. Someone who is here to help people move past their belongings that have begun to weigh them down. It does not matter how many clients I have, or how many speaking gigs I have booked on the calendar. If I can reach a few at at time, make a difference in a few lives I am happy with that. I started my business because everyone deserves to experience living light.