When The Time Is On You, Start & The Pressure Will Be Off

Time is a funny thing. Some days it drags on. The days that you swear the clock isn't moving, that maybe somehow time stopped. Almost as if it knows you are waiting desperately to leave your cubicle and head home, that you want be the first person in line at the bank rather than the last. Wanting the hours to pass so your delayed flight can finally take off. Other days you don't want time to pass, you want it to stand still. Those moments you are so fully engaged in life, where you dove right in and are having the time of your life. Your wedding day, the perfect vacation, time with friends and family. The thing about time, whether we are spending it doing something we love or waiting for it to pass, it also seems to somehow go by. It is the one thing in our lives we can depend to slip away from us. But I say don't let it, take the pressure of the clock off your hands and seize it. There's this dilemma that gets created when you are constantly planning, thinking and feeling you have to take action because you are against the clock. The wanting to get it all done, without ever focusing on what's in front of you. Working on one project and thinking ahead to the next. Tough to avoid in a world where everything is at our fingertips, we've somehow grown impatient. Truly deciding what it is we want to accomplish however cannot be done when we aren't focused and we are feeling rushed. So how do we let go of the pressure we've put on ourselves and decide to start without a race to finish?

  • Clear your head and grab a pen. Rather than focus on how you will never have time to start that project you've been wanting to begin, focus on how great it will be when you begin it. Write down the way you will feel once its accomplished and what it will mean to you when you've completed it. Pressure already feeling off? Now when the time presents itself, start. Jump right in and get going, without thinking about other to do lists you've created. Take it one decision, goal and project at a time. One day at a time.
  • Rather than a daily to do lists create a list of ten goals you want to accomplish that month, big or small doesn't matter. What can you commit yourself to? Throughout your day pay close attention to the moments that may present themselves to you as an opportunity to begin, rather than waking up and thinking I have no time to get anything done today. That thought process will boomerang itself right back to you and you will feel the pressure of the clock. Stop any dialogue within your head that says I don't have time. Clear your mind of the lists and instead focus on the here and now. I promise you the time will present itself in more ways than one.

We all have goals, dreams and commitments we've created in our lives and in our minds. We don't always have to beat ourselves up for not completing these tasks, but instead shift our thinking and focus on the reasons we set these goals...the end result, not the time standing in our way. So get out of your own way, clear your mind and relax. Then watch as the universe unfolds itself and presents everything in its divine timing.