When It's Ok to Hold On

I was taking a few minutes yesterday to clean out the bins in my home office and came across thank you notes I had received. They were a pile of thank yous from my clients. Whenever I am cleaning up I always have a throw away pile next to me. It usually consists of insignificant things. Magazines I'm done reading, old receipts I no longer need or a few pens out of ink. Things that you can toss without a hint of remorse. They are taking up space, collecting dust and ready for the trash. Sure these thank yous were taking up space in one way or another, but I couldn't let them go. Gratitude spilled from each thank you letter when I opened it. I read all of them front to back and smiled after each one. Think for a moment about how many times we say thank you throughout our day, even to perfect strangers. Thank you to the cashier for bagging your groceries. Maybe a thank you wave from our car window when someone lets us through the stop sign. It says I appreciate you, I appreciate they way you just helped me. The thank yous that come from those in our lives such as family and friends, or someone we helped- those are always truly from the heart. They speak loud and are full of gratefulness. They are meaningful and beautiful. You made someone's day with your gift, your words or your help. A thank you goes for miles in our lives regardless of where it stems from, three very powerful words.

I could not let those thank you notes out of my hand and into the trash pile. They didn't belong there, they had no place with the old magazines and post it notes with scribbled words. It dawned on me how hard it can be at times to let go of things we cherish, that make us feel good on the inside. Full of gratitude and at peace. So I'm keeping them, every single one. They are held together by a purple bow in my office tucked away neatly in a bin, as a reminder that I touched someone's life with my work. In this case it feels better to hold on, rather than let go.

When you are torn between holding on and letting go, sit for a minute and dive into how that item makes you feel. If it brightens your day, fills you up with gratitude and puts a smile on your face, it just may be ok to hold on.