What the Highlight Reel Doesn't Show- Your Let it Go List

Whatever feels heavy let that shit go. Shake off the things that don't fill up your soul with anything but happiness and smiles. But why else are we here-

Whatever feels heavy let that shit go. Shake off the things that don't fill up your soul with anything but happiness and smiles. But why else are we here-

We are three weeks away from the end of 2015, and this is usually when I go into deep reflection mode. People say that New Years Eve is just another day for them. One that turns itself over into the next day. That makes me sad. I think the end of any year is a time to reflect on what went down over the past year, and how you can ring in the New Year with a fresh perspective. Or at least try.  

Because of the crazy thing called social media all of us get the opportunity to spill our highlight reels out into the world. We're showing everyone mostly the good stuff. I think that's smart. Dishing out the good and not the bad and the ugly makes for a better experience when scrolling through a newsfeed. I am however taking the opportunity to list 10 things I am letting go of in 2016 because they did not serve me well in the past year, or ever really.  The stuff I maybe didn't share while I was busy posting my own highlight reels.

This isn't a resolution list. I'm not going to stop eating sugar and get up at 5:00 am to run on the treadmill, because frankly I like cookies and sleep. This is simply a list of what I feel no longer serves me. Just like all of those items in your home I am preaching to you to toss, because we all need to make space in our lives for better feelings. This list is exactly that. It's just made up of thoughts, and choices and the heavier stuff that surrounds us in life.

When I say let go of the unnecessary I mean all of it. And every year reflect back on the one before and take a moment to shake off those things that didn't fill up your soul with happiness and smiles. We owe it to ourselves not to fake it. My wish for you is that you take a moment to write your own let it go list so that you are only left with your own little highlight reel. 

1. Letting go of thinking that I am wasting my life if I am not working on at least 5 things at the same time.

I wear alot of hats in life, and sometimes a netflix marathon is A OK.

2. Spending energy on other people's opinions.

They aren't my opinions and it's hard to change a person's mind so no need to get crazy with the over analysis of another's thought process. That shit will make you nuts.

3. Making to do lists.

I think they are a time waster and I'd rather make a to-don't list. Like this one.

4. Saying yes to every invite I get on Facebook.

Now they have an interested option. If I'm not interested I'm just saying no. No is a complete sentence.

5. Thinking I should be ahead of the game at my age.

Last time I checked there is no rule book as to what age you should buy a home or have kids. Accepting where we are in life is a beautiful thing. Radical acceptance is a game changer.

6. Feeling the need to explain myself to everyone.

I know it's cliche but the only person we owe any explanation to is ourselves. For the longest time I felt the need to go into detail if I had to leave work early for a doctor's appointment, or has to call out sick. I'm an adult and that's enough of an explanation.

7. Being afraid to voice my opinion.

Suddenly it's all hands on deck with voicing of opinions on everything from politics to baby names. I always stay seated but I realized alot of people have no basis for their opinions, and it turns out sometimes I do. So yeah- I'm going to voice it.

8. Beating myself up over missed opportunities

From past experience there is enough to go around in life for all of us. If I missed the train there is another one coming- I have missed alot of trains. There is also always a very good reason why I missed it. Timing plays an important role in our lives.

9. Feeling bad if I don't finish a book

I have alot of books, and I haven't gotten past chapter 2 in some of them. I have no rational explanation for why I would think that it's unlawful to just stop reading instead of torturing myself trying to get through another chapter. Let it go.

10. Caring about how many likes I get on Facebook

There I said it. I happen to have a business page I work very hard at maintaining, along with 2 blogs. But it dawned on me recently that my business and my writing is my creative outlet, for my own sanity.  The customer service day job I have is not exactly spewing with excitement and creativity. I do it for the ones who are there to listen, my tribe. And for me. So if I get one like or 100 it doesn't matter.

So what's on your let it go list? I hope whatever it is you find yourself feeling lighter in 2016.

Always living light,