The Lazy Person's Guide to Getting Your Home Organized

Before you think I'm assuming that if you hate getting your home organized means your lazy, just hear me out. I don't think you're lazy at all. In fact part of me is a little jealous. Chances are you're never running late with the excuse that you couldn't leave the house because there were dirty dishes in the sink. Or the beds weren't made. Or that you just had to straighten out the bathroom cabinets. Not on your "sorry I'm late" list. They are on mine! That's sounds so lame to admit. If getting organized just isn't your thing I have some good news. It doesn't mean all hope is lost if your home is beginning to get to you. If it's not getting to you then these 3 tips I have will be an added bonus.

Like With Like Remember when it comes to your home opposites should not be attracting. If you can manage to keep like with likes without going overboard in terms of separating by color and size, you are on your way to some simple organizing. While it may take some initial effort, at the very least try your best to keep categories together. This isn't even an all day event! When you are putting laundry away start there. Socks together, towels on the same shelf. Look at that! You're saving time already. And repeat.

Use the Garbage Often Sometimes it's easier to just not make a decision about where to put something, or if it even has any significance in your life. When unidentified objects appear and you are stepping over them daily, moving them from one pile to the next, avoiding them at all costs- take the time to just toss it! I can guarantee that the items in your home that you don't read, wear, pick up or wash are wasting space. Make the decision to toss it and clear the space.

The Floor is Not Storage Start removing things from the floor. I won't get too crazy and tell you counter space is not storage either, but let's start with the floor. Clothes, shoes, mail, magazines, shuffle them to their designated home. I have witnessed bars of soap, money, keys and long lost pairs of shoes on the floors of homes. Remove the items from the floor and witness how quickly the space can appear larger, and witness how relaxed you feel!

Our schedules can cause us to sometimes neglect these super simple ways to stay organized in our homes, and by making some daily habit changes you might start to impress yourself with your overly organized home. Before you know it your sock drawer might even be organized by color.