The Fourth House


If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet, he said...

It's taken me years to learn that my journey was not so much to buy a home. Rather it was to learn about creating home and being at home in my world. I've had to learn this not just once, but many times.

I'm not going to count all the apartments I lived in, while in my "twenty somethings". I have no connection to any of them. I was wandering in life and those were simply a space to occupy while I wandered. A bed to sleep in after a night out dancing, a place to call my own for a short time while I drifted through life. I think for a time each one was the perfect fit. Ever changing, like myself. Not settled into life just yet, still learning in order to figure out where I felt most at home.

Then I found love. And with love came our first place, one that for me counts as more than a house. It was a home. The yellow house with the red door that we made home, and shared memories in. The kind of memories you look back on and smile, and feel at home in the nostalgia of it all. Nights sitting outside under the stars by the fire, meals with family and friends, a marriage proposal in the kitchen. Wedding plans, a blizzard, a hurricane. We moved through seasons of our life in that house and when we left we smiled because we knew we were ready for the next chapter.

Onto the city it was. Just as a city is busy, so became our lives. New jobs, new adventures and trips. One floor to the next, we moved up to the top and enjoyed the view. And it was in these two spaces amongst all the noise that we were able to find our true selves. Once again evolving. Becoming more of ourselves. We knew less than two years later we wanted peace and quiet. The bustling of the city and the noise swirled around our heads with us sitting in the middle of it all realizing a change was calling. If there is anything I know for sure in life, it's to never ignore anything your soul is calling you to do. Even if that means shaking things up a little, or in this case packing things up.

In astrology the fourth house represents the "House of Home". It represents family, history, traditions. So onto The Fourth House we go, with a clearer understanding of what our journey in each home means.  I love the knowing and the not knowing of it all. The excitement of creating space somewhere new. The opportunity to design each room and personalize the space. Letting things go, packing things up. I can't wait to see what's in store and how this home, The Fourth House, will shape our lives. Onward.