Why Space Clearing, Not Organizing, is Best for the New Year

2016 is about to make an exit. Take a minute to jump for joy if need be, or even better take a moment to reflect on what did work for you this past year and celebrate those wins. Now think about how lovely it will feel to physically let go of those things in your surroundings that are not working for you, and make a commitment to yourself to let them go. Let them go because clearing space does three powerful things for your precious well being. It's not how unorganized we are that might be affecting our clarity or stress level- it's what we hold onto that we need to let go of.

Clearing Space Creates A More Restful Sleep

I'm starting with sleep because most of us are lacking it- over 40 million Americans get less than 6 hours. Less mess equals less stress. Declutter that bedroom closet, under the bed and anything around your bed so that you view the sacred space as a sanctuary. Your sanctuary, not your stuff. In addition to your bedroom, clearing space around your home will allow that free flowing energy to float right into your bedroom so that you feel more rested when it's time to end your day.

Improves Relationships

Let's start with the most important relationship- the one we have with ourselves. Anything, and I mean anything, that does not serve a useful purpose in our lives, or one that does not light us up inside, must exit through the front door never to return. Commit to letting go of pictures, letters, clothing, books or knick knacks within your space that conjure up feelings that make you cringe.

 You do not have to hold onto anything that no longer serves a purpose in your life.

When we let go, we instantly open up and create space for the positive and meaningful to come into our lives. There is less tension in our surroundings as well. This means that anyone who lives within the space or who visits will feel that free flowing energy, and the response is met with clarity, calm and relaxation.

We Owe it To Ourselves 

I'm going to just throw it out there that it's been a year of very mixed emotions for all of us. From the not so pleasant media parade of politics we have seen on our newsfeed and on television, to on going tragedies that continue to devastate our world. While clearing space will not eliminate these things, it will help us to commit to a fresh perspective in the New Year. One that will help us weed out any feelings that may not be serving us. I truly believe we owe it to ourselves to allow our space to become one that doesn't just look good when we enter, but one that feels good on the inside.

So what are you letting go of today?

Always living light,


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