Perfecting the Art of Imperfection

I used to scan the whole house before I left for the day. I made sure the beds were made, there were no remnants from breakfast lingering in the kitchen and the bathroom was clear of towels on the floor. Then I started running late. In my moments of striving for perfection in my home I literally was cleaning and organizing myself into being late. "Being entirely without fault", that's how the dictionary defines perfect. In my moments of being in frantic mode, due to my past obsession with perfect, I've decided perfect doesn't exist, as a matter of fact I think the word itself should be removed from existence. If we spent every moment looking for perfection we'd overlook the details, the flaws that speak louder than perfection. They say I'm real, I'm human and I can't do it all. When we decide to let go of perfection and focus on what we can accomplish, what feels right for us, we have won the battle over being perfect. Ever notice the women on television who wake up with their make-up fully intact? I laugh at how in reality mascara would be smeared and our lipstick would be completely gone. My point is we understand the reality of our lives and where we need to focus on improving. Attempting to wake up with a face full of perfectly applied make-up is usually not on the list.

There are no judges waiting for us when we walk in the door handing out score cards for every bed that isn't made  

We juggle like mad in our lives. We juggle our jobs, family, running from here to there. All the while attempting to keep our homes in tact. Our homes are not meant to be perfect. They are meant to be filled with what we love, what makes us happy and only that. As we go throughout our day, our week and there are areas we feel we cannot control it's okay to let go and embrace the imperfection. Always stay within the limits of what you can accomplish. There are no judges waiting for us when we walk in the door handing out score cards for every bed that isn't made.

We have the power to decide what makes us feel free. Striving for perfection is not the answer, but rather striving to build on what matters most to us.