A Open Letter to Moms From an Organizer

O-N-E-D-R-O-PI started my organizing business almost 3 years ago. The first 5 clients to contact me were moms. Just for the record I'm not a mommy. An auntie and step-mom yes, but I've never actually given birth. Are you sensing the irony here? I start most of my projects with a phone consult. Very eager and excited to start helping my very first clients (yikes) I asked questions on the consult call like what's the area that needs most improvement? The answers were "well all of it, it's all a mess." Then I asked do you have any zones created in your home for homework and activities "no we just usually have to wing it." Wing it? I don't even know what that means. I'm type A, we don't wing anything. After the phone consultation the first thing I said out loud in my home office on that very first call was "shit, I have no idea what this is like for them." As a matter of fact I said it out loud, every single time. I don't juggle the job, the play dates, frantically attempting to pick up the toys on the floor before company shows up. I don't have a refrigerator filled with little hand prints, a bathroom that has buckets of rubber duckies and empty shampoo bottles to play with. I don't even have one children's book in my home. My lifestyle couldn't be more different. Everything stays perfectly placed in my home from the entryway to the darkest corner of the closets. Some days it's so quiet you can hear a pin drop, and my place can stay clean for days. Again "oh shit, I have no idea what this is like for them."

 The truth is I was there to help them but in actuality they helped me

The irony of all of this is that I have walked into many homes to get play rooms in better shape, help organize children's rooms and even entryways that double as the family dumping ground for little shoes and backpacks. I even held a workshop for moms! I was there to help them weed through the school work to be tossed, help make decisions on what toys should be donated but in actuality they were helping me. Every project was an opportunity for me to fall more and more out of my comfort zone of perfection and stare in wonder at how these women do it all. All of it. It was an opportunity for me to fall in love with these homes and the families inside and realize how incredibly important it is to throw the damn perfectionism out the window. There is no one way to do things. Sure you can simplify, teach your little ones how to let go of toys. Bring in bins and baskets with labels to help tidy things up. It will help to maintain some organization and simplicity. However I have learned you cannot take the imagination out of a child who wants to build a fort in the center of the living room and leave it there for a few days and tell them it's bad feng shui. I learned you can't tell your children that the painting they drew in school can't go up because it doesn't match the decor. I learned from all these incredible mommies that you can look for ways to improve your daily routines but also take in how incredibly imperfect all of it is. So the next time you may need an organizer please don't hesitate to reach out just remember that your homes are already perfect to me, you truly are the example of what a home should be. Lived in and filled with love.

From an organizer to the mommies, you all amaze me. Thank you for the lessons.