Everyday Inspiration

My Permanent Top Ten to Do List To do lists. They are ever changing and on going. They are written or typed up almost as if we have an automatic "list it" button that goes off daily. There are the weekly grocery lists, always the least or most popular, depending on how you feel about them. I am certain to carefully plan them out days prior to my food shopping extravaganzas. You may even prefer to plan your food menu list for the week, which could include your children's lunches.The appointment lists run a close second behind the food to dos. The appointment times and locations are always in plain sight on my fridge's magnetic dry erase board. Then of course the lists of gifts to purchase around the holidays or the decorations needed. Every occasion needs a list! I can safely assume these to dos have morphed into daily life assignments for all of us. As an organizer I recommend lists and praise them. They do offer a moment of clarity as you write down your tasks. In what could be a jumbled mess swirling around in our heads, somehow seeing them on paper offers us a brief sense of accomplishment as we cross begin to cross things off.

Two years ago I created a permanent to do list. One that is not defined by how busy I am or how I ran out of soy milk and eggs. It doesn't list all of the appointments my husband and I have, or the bills that need to be paid. The only change it does require is from within. It encompasses the broader aspects of our lives that we sometimes can miss out on because we are too busy making other plans. A midst the daily tasks of life it does help to put things into perspective.  I'm going to share with you my top ten to do list, or as I refer to it my "permanent top ten".

  1. Once per week part with one item in my home and donate it.
  2. Take time everyday to be a good listener.
  3. Be grateful for what I have, it is enough.
  4. See everyday challenges as a learning opportunity rather than an obstacle.
  5. Call friends and family every week to say hi.
  6. Go through one area of my home monthly that I feel needs some organization inspiration.
  7. Face fears and hesitations with confidence, never losing sight of my dreams.
  8. Replace I wish with I will.
  9. Do not let comparison steal my joy.
  10. Everyday be myself.

My permanent top ten.