Gone Shopping... to Change the World

Giving Back

Giving Back

I am hopelessly obsessed with saving the world. When I'm online scrolling along, I'm easily distracted by so many heartfelt and sincere humans looking to do the same. Their stories of giving back are what lights me up inside. If you ever take a moment to focus on how many people out there are trying to make a positive difference in the lives of others you would realize there is so much goodness happening.

While I don't have the luxury of volunteering my time as much as I would like to I have realized that I can shop more consciously in an effort to give back. From food to clothing, to jewelry and even shoes, there are so many companies turning their profit dollars for good. I came up with a list of the ones that I am making a commitment to shop with. I know there are hundreds, possibly even thousands, more organizations doing the same. For me the idea that I can have a closet and pantry with items that have possibly aided in feeding a family, clothed someone in need or even provided clean drinking water makes me smile. Here's to our faith in humanity being restored.

Clothing that Gives Back

I think it's amazing that I can purchase a shirt online from Elegantees for $27 and be able to help a women in Nepal who was rescued from sex trafficking, the politically nice way to sum up enslaving a human against their will while someone else makes money from it. Elegantees has joined the fight against this and creates a new life for those who were once victims of this harsh reality. The clothing is the right mix of basics, is affordable and supports a cause that is also helping to reduce poverty. Learn more about the mission here.

Jewelry for Good 

With a background working in the costume jewelry industry I have collected one too many pieces of jewelry over the years. About a year ago I gave more than half of it away and kept only pieces that I love, and have vowed that if I'm purchasing something new I'd like to consider that it is somehow making an impact in the world.

Jimani Collections offers sustainable income and a safe working environment for women who have neither. Their jewelry, priced conservatively, is timeless with a modern twist. One of my favorites is the Kari Zuri Brass Chevron earrings, at only $20. All of the jewelry is handmade by women in Kenya who learn the needed skills to make the jewelry either with or outside of Jimani Collections.

Accessories that Make a Difference 

Imagine that perfect clutch for a night out paired with some beautiful bangles, and the perfect scarf. Now imagine that with all three items you helped to support a craftsmen in Africa feed their family and ensure proper living conditions. Market Colors was founded in 2011 by Lizzie who wanted to support women in Africa after her many visits there. You can watch the inspiring video here,and learn more about how your purchase can make a difference. Their fall collection is stunning and you can find it here!

Shoes Made for More than Walking 

I have certainly paired down my shoe collection, but still have enough to ponder a few choices when getting dressed in the morning. This is a privilege denied to many.

It's one the most popular brands of shoes in the world, and is truly committed to giving back to communities all over the world. Improved health, access to better education and confidence building are at the forefront of this company. Thier One for oOne program has provided 45 million pairs of new shoes to children in need, and they also have been able to provide almost 200,000 weeks of safe water to underdeveloped communities . I am truly blown away at the charitable commitment of Toms.

Food for Good 

I was having dinner the other night and happened to be reading the back of my Newman's Own salad dressing bottle. When dining alone I'm always looking for some reading material :). It said that all profits and royalties from the sales of Newman's Own product was donated to various charities. 100% percent, which means to date $429.3 million dollars has gone to charity. I suddenly felt alot better about my salad dressing purchase. For a full listing of the programs that Newman's own has helped to thrive take a peek here. It's actually astounding.

I would love to hear your favorite shopping stories of helping to make this world a better place! Please feel free to comment below and share if inspired.

Here's to living light and giving back,