Everyone Deserves a Place to Call Home

Our homes are to be more than sanctuaries. They are where the storm stops at the door. Where love reigns and peace dwells.

I've always believed that everyone deserves a place to call home. I've also always believed that regardless of the size of a home if you are adding only what you love to that space it can change your life.

As an organizer I'm visiting people's homes who are at times complete strangers and other times not. The one thing I have noticed in my travels is that there are always a few things that will stand out in a home that capture the personality of the person or family who lives inside. It might be quotes on the wall, photos or little trinkets that tell a story. Either way it's all about everyday reminders in the space that make those that live inside smile and light up. Our homes can bring us so much joy and comfort in our lives.

All of this got me thinking recently about those who don't have a place to call home and are entering transitional housing, their possessions only enough to fit into a backpack. Regardless of their story and how their journey to homelessness began, I believe that they can find peace and comfort in their new space with just the right touch of what is meaningful to them. I've always had a vision to provide donated furniture and décor for transitional and permanent housing facilities in order to create an environment that embodies growth, positive change and overall wellness. Hearing their stories, asking them what makes them happy and inviting in objects that create happiness can cultivate feelings of joy and positivity.

I recently made a visit to the Welcome House of South County where I was able to add some organizing love to the basement where they store all of their toiletries. I met the amazing house manager Allison Martinez, who was such an inspiration to me. Her dedication to her job is inspiring. Liz Duggan of Amenity Aid was also was there to help and dropped off 600 toiletry donations to the shelter! I'm hoping it's just the beginning of me being able to utilize my gifts in a way that will help those coming out of homelessness to finally feel the comforts of home.

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