Creating a Relaxing Space Just for You

giving attention to the things in our (2)When my husband and I moved three months ago to our 2 bedroom in the city it meant I was losing my home office aka place to do yoga, blog, relax and read. I felt grateful to have that space carved out just for myself. I filled it up with quotes I loved, my beloved book collection and could sit in there for hours getting work done or just unwinding. Once we got settled in our new place I set out on a mission to create a corner nook in our bedroom just for me. I wasn't upset that the space went from an entire room to only a carved out corner. It's all about how you fill the space, not how large it is. I have my books, a comfy chair, great lighting and can sit for hours in the space. Mission accomplished.

We all need a place to get away, even if only for a moment.

Whether you have a room, a corner you can make all your own or even a chair you can claim, creating a space in your home just for you is so important. We all need a place to get away, even if only for a moment. You don't need a complete room makeover, just keep it simple! Here are some tips to finding that perfect place in your home and creating your own little sanctuary.

Keep it Simple and Clutter Free

This space is meant to be space that you can relax in, as we all know how important that is for our well being. Think in terms of curling up with your favorite book, sipping a hot cup of tea and being present in the moment. Distractions and interruptions can also act as clutter, it's not always just about the physical clutter. Once you have found that space, claim it as your own personal sanctuary and add in your favorite colors, books, some candles and remember to keep it simple. Focus on the way this space feels to you, and how well it will function as your in home getaway. Cozy pillows, a comfy chair, soothing colors. These are all elements that will allow you to relax, unwind and feel refreshed.

Visit the Space at Least Once a Day

This space is your own. You can visit it as many times as you'd like, but always make the time to pay it a visit. Maybe it's just for a moment to reflect on the day, or a minute in the morning to gain your focus on the day ahead. The idea is to fall in love with this space you can call your own, and look forward to spending time there.

My wish for you is that you can find this space within your home and fall in love!