Be the Change. 3 Ways Change Will Set You Free

When too many changes are happening at once I have a tendency to feel as though I'm spinning around on a carousel and get the urge to jump off and run for the hills. There is a peace and comfort in things when they are slow going. Then there are the times when things are moving a little too slow, and I can get itchy to shake things up a bit, looking for change to come to the rescue. So where's the happy medium? When is change nothing but a good thing? There are 2 types of changes that can occur. Those which we welcome and those that we do not. A sudden job lay off that we weren't expecting, clearly an unwelcome change. A much needed new haircut, consider a welcome change. Life is full of the expected and the unexpected, the welcome changes and the ones that sneak up on us out of thin air. We learn to roll with the punches or fight it till we forget why we even started to fight. It's the resistance to change, and on the flip side the idea that sometimes we need it, that makes it oh so difficult for some of us. What if we decided to be the change? Rather than always be anticipating what's to come instead decide to embrace it as it comes? Being the change can mean moving with it and understanding that there is purpose for the unexpected, and when we are seeking it we can silence our minds a bit and ask ourselves why. Dance with it, walk with it and even have a chat with it. Taking positive active to embrace our own lives and embrace the things that we want to create, as well as those that appear unexpectedly, will only create one outcome- a calm spirit amidst a world that is constantly changing. There will be always be changes that we cannot anticipate, but by being the change in our lives we can learn to roll with those punches and truly embrace what we are seeking. Here's my top 3 reasons why change can set you free.

1. You will stop resisting. Maybe you can't let go of certain items in your home and struggling with feelings of loss if you do . By going with the flow and being open to the possibility of opening the space and letting go you will feel free of resistance.

2. You will grow from change. We cannot learn in life unless we are inviting in experiences that allow us to learn from them. Changes almost always follows an amazing growth period. You may be stronger, smarter and happier to "being" the change that presented itself to you.

3. You will be open to the possibilities of life. As they say when one door closes, another one opens. Very cliche but also very true. Allow that door to close, slam it if you have to. There is going to be something beautiful behind that door that is waiting to be opened. The door where letting go of resisting change is waiting.

Allow change to remind us of how amazing life can be. By being the change we can focus on what we want out of life and always remember there are amazing things to come.