What to Do When Styles Collide- 3 Tips to Mix and Match


The best design projects are the ones where people broke the rules ~ Nate Berkus

I have in a word- always "taken over" the look of our home. Blending two looks wasn't something in my radar when deciding on accent pieces, furniture choices and wall art. I figured opposing forces in the area of styling a home was a cause I didn't dear dive into. But as with anything in life, there is a lesson to be learned. The style Gods (stay with me here) had spoken and I realized that by omitting Kevin's suggestions and what he wanted in the space I was essentially limiting the influence that an inspired home can bring. I was being a design brat I suppose.

So what changed? It could be that we are more adult like (sort of, depends on the day). The need for compromise and balance is more relevant than ever in our lives, because who really has time for nonsense at the end of the day? But that would be the obvious answer, rather than the guts of what is happening in a space when there is no design opposition. In feng shui ying and yang describe how seemingly opposite forces are actually complementary and give rise to each other. So there you have it, opposites do attract. They do compliment each other and are vital to harmony in a space.

The Edit

This is our fourth move. I found that you can never edit enough, and you must because moving is wonderful but also terribly annoying. Less boxes the better. We tossed out and sold the pieces that did not speak to either of us, some of which I had no idea my husband hated. From coffee mugs, to dishes to our entire dining room set. Starting with a blank slate was giving us the opportunity to decide on pieces together. Feeling lighter in the process is always going to give you a clearer head as well. What we kept we know we both love or like (or at least compromised on).


This was easier than I thought. Music and entertainment plays a big part in our lives. We don't just listen to music, we breathe it. We also have a profound love and respect for music and television legends. So yes, find the thing that sparks immense joy in both of you and plant that everywhere in your home. I decided the only design rules you need are the ones that speak to you. We are in the midst of creating a dining area and living room that we are thrilled about.

The Compromise

I tend to be drawn to more feminine pieces that are light and airy, while Kevin goes all in with dark and gothic (yikes, but I'm not judging). Designing a room that feels light and airy on one side and dark on the other would be overwhelming in the space. When both styles are incorporated strategically throughout the room the balance shows up nicely and things flow. For instance I wanted a more rustic looking table with modern chairs. We decided on a more masculine table with dark accents, but the chairs are feminine and curvy (more on that in another post). Mix and match your personalities without going overboard, and find common elements.

The main difference between this space and our other 3 living spaces is that we don't feel rushed. Taking our time when deciding on what to display and where has been refreshing. As each area comes together slowly I can feel the aesthetics of the home mixing in way that creates common ground, balance and lots of love. Because what else should your home represent, but your true self.

Bye for now,

Always living light,