Think You Know What an Organizer is Really Thinking About All Your Stuff? Think Again

I have heard the phrase many times, "please don't get nervous when you see my home". I'm here to tell you that I will not be nervous. I will never feel a sense of overwhelm or judgment. There are times when I think to myself when walking into a home that the disorganization is actually a beautiful thing. Yes every bit of it. Absolutely beautiful. Why? Every opportunity for transformation is beautiful. I know what waits on the other side and that once I complete the project it will feel like a new space. Every time I meet a client and walk into their home I have been given the opportunity to take a space that is not functioning well and breathe new life into in. The space to me is so much more than just disorganized or messy. It's lived in, it's loved, it's full of memories old and new. The first thought that crosses my mind is how I'm going to take everything in this space and create some clarity and breathing room. How I can help remove what is no longer working or useful, and I'm going to make sure every bit of it looks peaceful and calming. The truth is our spaces are meant to be lived in and there will never be enough hours in our day to allow for perfection. What we can do is embrace the imperfections, remove what is no longer serving us in the space and decide to create function and clarity.

If you are ever struggling with the idea to hire a professional organizer but hesitate because you feel it may be difficult to let go of things or you may think they will never understand the mess, think again. I welcome the mess and the confusion of it all. It's why I do what I do.