How To Feng Shui Your Entryway

I get some odd stares when I tell people that I'm a student of feng shui. Then there are the moments when someone's face completely lights up and they say, "I've always wanted to feng shui my place, that's so cool!" Those are times I get really excited (goosebumps excited) because I know others are open to the magic of it all. Haters gonna hate- however I am hoping this post can sway the "feng shui haters" and skeptics. Or at least spark some interest. What I've learned over the last 2 years diving into the ancient art of object placement, kua charts and color stories in a home is that it can be complex, but also simple. Feng shui doesn't say tear your house down and rebuild it if your front door is facing the wrong direction. It says we all are searching for harmony, ease and peacefulness in our lives and that starts at home. Clearing away clutter, inviting in the right colors and giving a flow to your space is a powerful tool. I like to think of it as- designing your dream life. And adding balance.

The entrance to your home is the most powerful location in your home. Consider it the mouth of the home, so this is where it's receiving all the energy from inside and outside the house. There are basic feng shui elements you can incorporate into the entrance and entryway, or you can dive a bit deeper and determine the best way to approach the design based on your kua chart. Head here for more info on your chart. Using some basic examples from my home as a starting point to help you understand how feng shui works for us, I will walk you through how I created an entryway that makes me light up when I walk in the door.


I have a south facing home- south represents the fire element. Fire is most welcomed in the bagua area in the south, which is why I was thrilled to have a purple front door! The best colors for a south facing door are yellows, oranges, pinks and purples. A friend of mine was kind enough to give me this wreath she wasn't using, and I knew right away the colors were perfect for my front porch (and purple door)...

Once we're inside my place, I kept those fire colors going strong. I also added some feng shui rules of thumb for an entryway-

It sounds pretty basic but make sure there is no clutter in your entryway- if you have an area where your family drops their shoes, jackets, etc keep it contained to bins or in a bench. Having clutter in the main entrance of your home, or surrounding the front door, is blocking free flowing energy. I use bins for hats, gloves and scarves in the winter months.


It's always a good idea to represent all 5 feng shui elements of wood, fire, Earth, metal and water. This is the key to harmony and balance.

I love this simple green plant for my entryway, and the metal vase that sits atop two of my favorite books. I chose the lotus candle holder for is bright red color, and to implement the strong fire element I wanted in this area. The love letters, a great find from Homestyle on Westminster St. in PVD, were just right the touch for a simple reminder.


The soft blue tones in the metal framed photo I hung just by the bookshelf incorporates the water element- another way to bring in this element is through mirrors. I have a round metal mirror to the left of the entrance- be sure not to have a mirror directly facing the entryway to your home as this will divert the positive energy back out the door.


Rectangular shapes, and tones of browns and greens increase the wood element, which is also necessary in areas facing south. 


Feng shui is also a feeling- this Buddha that was given to me as a gift emits a calming and zen feeling throughout the entryway.

Keep it simple, keep it balanced and remember our homes are truly a gateway to feeling our best self.

Until next time, always living light