Feeling a Little Lighter- Highlights From My Workshop Series

10346273_715774418488837_6972642400788471929_n After leading a workshop over the weekend and walking away feeling so in alignment with my message and the importance of spreading it, I knew it was as equally important to share some of the content here on the blog.  The more I share in my message the better I feel!

I started Organized for Life not only to help others become organized but more importantly to re-frame their relationship to stuff. Why does it accumulate? Why do we struggle with letting go of things? How can we adopt new habits to invite in a more simplistic and meaningful life? The answers to these questions require patience, truth and the willingness to embrace a new way of being. What is on the other side of your stuff can be the answer to making room for so many of the things you want to transpire in your life. Below is a recap of what clutter is and what it isn't and how you can begin to clear space within your life.

What is Clutter?

"Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor- it's anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living" Organizational expert, Peter Walsh

What Clutter Isn't

Clutter isn't anything you truly love or use regularly. Clutter is not the items you cherish that make you come alive.

There is a distinct difference between the items that we invite into our home that we know and love and the items that begin to accumulate that do not serve any other purpose than taking up space. Clutter IS the junk mail piled up on the counter, the clothing sitting in the closet you haven't worn in over a year. Clutter IS NOT your favorite books, your child's favorite artwork from school. You can feel the difference when you see it and touch it. But how do we ensure the items that we do not consider clutter don't end up being displayed in a way that feels cluttered and unmanageable? This is where clearing space is an important tool to begin to let go of the items we do not want, and invite in the objects we know and love so that they are surrounding us. It's about embracing your space.

Ways to clear space

  • Start with a vision for the space and audit your home accordingly.
  • Remember that everything in our home is there with our permission.
  • Use the 1 in 2 out rule.
  • Zone in on furniture placement and eliminate anything that blocks flow in the space.
  • Honor the memory and let go of the object for items that stir up nostalgia.
  • If you are going to have less things they have to be great things.

Once you begin decluttering, you may find yourself unburdened by heavy emotions and will begin to feel lighter, more at ease and have a greater sense of happiness and personal well-being. This will carry into your day and also bring a happiness into your home.

Letting go- the essentials and the non-essentials that live in our space

The difference between the essentials and the non-essentials in our lives that we can let go of all depend on how much we value certain things. For instance you may see your iPad as an essential and the shoes in your closet that you don't wear as a non essential. If you struggle with what to let go of and what to keep here's a little exercise you can do to get started.

  • List 5 essentials in your life that are things that you can let go of because you feel they no longer serve you.
  • List 5 "non essentials" in your life that are things you can let go of because they are taking up space.
  • List 5 “essentials” that you can keep.

Asking yourself these questions gives you the opportunity to dive into your relationship to your stuff and become honest with yourself about the process of decluttering.

Freeing ourselves of emotional clutter, physical clutter and what no longer serves us is one of the most freeing journeys we can take in our lives. Start with a simple step. Here's to making the spaces we live and work in a little brighter, a little lighter and full of love.