Celebrating Simplicity, Featuring Patsy, Founder and Chief Celebrator at & Celebrate...

CYMERA_20150301_165225 This is Patsy and I standing in front of her newly organized closet. Patsy is a dear friend who I met through PVD Lady Project, she also happens to love to celebrate. In fact she loves to celebrate so much she has created an inspiring and beautiful blog around it, & Celebrate (you will want to click on that link to see for yourself). This goes far beyond birthdays, graduations and wedding celebrations. Her motto is to stop limiting ourselves to the big moments of celebration in life because it truly is the little moments that find us there. Finding magic and something to celebrate on a daily basis is truly a wonderful way to approach our lives. Makes so much sense doesn't it? I'm in the business of celebrating your space, and Patsy is all about celebrating life. This Sunday funday afternoon spent organizing, simplifying and embracing the beauty of loving your space truly was reason to celebrate.

Her motto is to stop limiting ourselves to the big moments of celebration in life because it truly is the little moments that find us there.

In addition to this incredible message she is spreading with her blog, Patsy has also created a greeting card line, Say it With Shoes. Blank inside so you can create your own message the cards are the perfect way to send some love to someone whether for an occasion or just because. Be happy, be free, be comfy cozy, all adorned with the images of shoes. The best part? With each box you purchase you are providing a pair and a half of shoes to someone in need. 10% of the sales are donated to Soles4Souls, a global nonprofit dedicated to fighting poverty through the distribution of shoes and clothing, www.soles4souls.org. I know, it's all so awesome and I am so honored to be celebrating Patsy today on the blog! Below are a few shots from the final project and how we celebrated getting her closet organized.

Her greeting card line is entitled Say it With Shoes, so I really wanted to display her favorites front and center. The sparkle in the black pair and gorgeous pop of red in the heels are the first thing you see when you open the closet door. Reason enough to celebrate! Showcasing your favorite dress, jewelry, shoes or bag in your closet is a reminder of the things that we love to wear, that make us feel happy and bring us joy.





I can say one of the best moments for me to celebrate is witnessing the excitement of others when I help to simplify their lives a bit. Watching the transformation from holding onto things just taking up space and then physically feeling that lightness in the air when all that remains is what is useful, brings joy and worth celebrating. Those are moments that add up to so many amazing things. Freeing up space to invite in whatever we'd like to celebrate. I challenge all of you to embrace Patsy's message, & celebrate...