Where Rearranging and Redecorating Your Space Will Take You

I admit I am a chronic furniture re-organizer and a compulsive re-decorator. From the moment I was old enough to move furniture I started rearranging my bedroom. For me it's about editing, redefining the space, breathing new life into it and creating a new look without spending a dime. There are times that the $5 perfectly matching candle I found at Pier 1, that is tucked away on a shelf, may constitute an entire living room furniture rearrange. I love to witness moving a picture from one wall to another and see the transformation take place. The colors in a photo can appear differently in its new home depending on how the light hits it during a certain time of the day. All of the decorative accents surrounding that picture might even have colors in them that really come through, all because of moving one photo.

"Sometimes there are pieces we would love to highlight in a space but they have gotten lost among clutter and lack of flow. Edit the things that aren't working"

Changing the layout of a room and recreating a space can be just as exciting as heading to the  store and purchasing a new furniture set. Clear out the space completely, sit in the middle of the room and close your eyes. Take a moment to decide what isn't working in the space, decide on how you want it to function, more importantly how you want to feel, and then slowly move the pieces back in. Sometimes there are pieces we would love to highlight in a space but they have gotten lost among clutter and lack of flow. Edit the things that aren't working. They may function better in another room, or they may be the perfect item to let go of.

Clearly defining how you wish a space to function is the key to a successful furniture and decor rearrange. Deciding on the focal point in the room will allow you to determine where the furniture will be best placed. Always avoid overcrowding and blocking entrances. Think simple and light. If you have made a decision to embark on a journey of rearranging and redecorating chances are there is something lacking in the space for you. While it may never be perfect, it will absolutely offer up feelings of calm and peace of mind as it gets closer to functioning the way you want it to.

There are endless benefits to rearrange, redecorate and edit our homes. You will always benefit from having a new and fresh perspective. When moving one piece of furniture or wall art to another room it shakes up the design and the urge to run out and buy something new fades away. Redefining a space will re-energize you and bring a fresh outlook into your new space. It does impact your mental health in a positive way. So when the urge to rearrange and redecorate hits you I say go for it. It will take you on a journey of rediscovering your space, falling in love with its potential and embracing your space in a new way.