The Struggle is Real. What Clutter is Doing to Us.

You know the saying home sweet home? Let's take it literally and make our home sweet. Cookies and chocolate cake kind of sweet. I'd rather associate my home with feelings of dessert than piles of crap. Get the picture?

I was never comfortable in cluttered houses. Not in a "I'm totally judging you for all this crap you have lying around your house" kind of way, but more of a I just want to help kind of way. It was a always a struggle for me as a kid to not start cleaning things up in other people's houses. It was a natural instinct I had to just want to clear piles off kitchen counters and clean up bathrooms. Maybe it's a little ocd, not denying it. I just always have had the ability to zone in on how I feel in an uncluttered space. You know that Wonder Woman feeling you get when your house is in order. That feeling.

To me it always was and still is about thinking to myself, I just want to help them get rid of all of this so they understand what happens when you do. So they can wake up in the morning and feel like they can enjoy the day because they can enjoy their space. There is a really powerful connection to your house and what's happening in your head. Sometimes I feel like a broken record because I say it all the time. I say it because it's true. I say it because it's my why, the why I started my business. This is what I know for sure that clutter is doing to us and why I believe it's time to turn it around. To take back our space.

It's Wasting Our Time

Clutter in every sense of the word is a time waster. You can't find your keys because they are buried under yesterday's mail. Time waster. You can't find that thing that you know you put down right over there next to that other thing because there is so much stuff piled up on the counter. Time waster. It's taking us longer to clean the house because of all of the items we have to maneuver around, and also the items that need to be picked up. Last time I checked time is kind of precious. It's actually all we have. So why are we wasting it looking for our stuff? Newsflash- we get to decide what comes in and goes out. It's your home, your space. Take back the clock and start to declutter day by day.

It's Taking Away Our Energy

Clutter is exhausting us whether we realize it or not. It's physically zapping us of our energy. We are in the habit of accumulating things but we are not in the habit of de-cluttering and purging. The more we accumulate the less space there is for energy to flow, creating blocks all over our homes. Those blocks are messing with us. They are telling our brains that we are overwhelmed and tired. This combination leads to stress and aggravation. You know the saying home sweet home? Let's take it literally and make our home sweet. Cookies and chocolate cake kind of sweet. I'd rather associate my home with feelings of dessert than piles of crap. Get the picture?

It's Preventing Us From Making Decisions

Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions. You put that there because it was the closest place to put it, not always the most logical or correct spot. Maybe everyone in your household does that too. Sometimes postponed decisions are just everywhere. This pattern keeps us from dealing with where to place things immediately, and forces us to place them anywhere. This can start to carry out in our everyday lives as well. Taking a few minutes to put things back where they belong and keeping like items together will save you time and energy in the long run- see how this all comes together?

I can say with certainty our homes will never be picture perfect. To be honest Pinterest sort of makes me crazy with all the images it shows of these perfectly kept homes. While perfectionism is not realistic, giving ourselves the opportunity to enjoy our time, feel good and make decisions with ease certainly is. So let's start to take our homes back. One decision at a time.