The Closet Diaries- When You Have Nothing to Wear. Revelations from a Reformed Shopaholic

I have nothing to wear. That's a bold statement as you stand there in front of the closet just staring, not bothering to move anything around or dive in to really take a look. Just stand there thinking maybe the perfect top will fall off the hanger and magically appear saying pick me! Nope the blank closet stare continues. Most of the time we do have something to wear. It might not be exactly what we had in mind for the day or our night out, but it will do. So we reluctantly put it on and then go shopping the next day. That top that used to be the perfect thing to wear, isn't so perfect anymore. It needs a replacement. So the cycle continues. Well I was sick of the cycle. Sick of saying I have nothing to wear and then shopping to replace things I already had, because then I had two or three of them. My clothing was crushed together like a trash compactor in my closet. Filled with new and old clothes, waiting to be replaced with the next best thing. I could scream when I think of all the times I thought I had no clothes. I shopped for every occasion, and every non-occasion. I shopped when I had a bad day or saw something cute in magazine. I shopped, just to shop. So I did what any shopaholic would do when they are throwing in the towel. For one year I tossed items every week with the same enthusiasm I had as a shopper. I filled garbage bags up and donation boxes like it was an Olympic sport. Every week I couldn't wait to see what I could let go of next. But I didn't replace anything this time. I wore what I had for about a year and a half. If I got the urge to say I have nothing to wear, I just sucked it up and wore what I had. This wasn't easy at first, it was horrible actually. There were weeks I would wear the same pair of pants or yikes! the same shirt. These strange preconceived notions of never being seen in the same thing twice in the same month flew right out the window. I let it all go and I completely could care less. I became a reformed shopaholic and it felt wonderful. Then Friday happened and I said the dreaded 5 words, "I have nothing to wear"

My new gig requires a business casual dress code. I've been in jeans for the last 5 years. Then yoga pants on the weekend. I knew about the dress code in the interview, it was mentioned a couple of times. I just didn't let it sink in I guess. Won't be an issue at all is what I told myself, until I went through my closet. I looked for those black pants I used to have that went with everything, they were gone. Then I looked for my gray dress pants, which I had, but I seemed to be that size in another lifetime. My clothes all fit in one closet now, not three. They are perfectly spaced, organized by color and when you open the closet it's all there. Every single item I own. There are no tops that are going to magically appear. In this case...I have to shop.

Make an investment in your closet, one that requires a well thought out plan. But don't over shop.  

I'm not saying over shop. Don't over shop, ever. It will make you crazy, overwhelmed and lacking serious space. Space in your closet and lacking space within your life. Shop when you have to. Take inventory and try things on. Keep practical colors, items that you can wear with other things. If you haven't worn it, don't love it and don't need it then donate it. In my case a new chapter in my life has caused me to re-evaluate my closet, and created the perfect lesson in shopping. It is somewhat refreshing to know that this time when I head out to the stores it is not to buy a bunch of things I don't need and that don't fit. It is in fact to buy clothing I do need. Every dollar will be spent, not wasted. When I open the closet I will say, I have something to wear and I also have learned my lesson.

Don't buy it unless you love it and need it. Don't toss it if you need it and love it. Don't under any circumstances think for one second anyone cares that you wearing the same shirt twice in one week. If you are it's because you love it. When I head out to shop this week I can confidently say I need some new clothes, but I won't be over shopping.