Creating an Organized Closet

creating organized closet organized closet

Here's a photo recap of just a few of my client closet projects. The intention is to allow you to become inspired within your own home. Always remember your space is a part of your life and journey, meant to tell a story about yourself and those you share your home with. Every piece counts. Creating simplicity, organization and getting creative with incorporating the things you love into that space is so important! Maybe you are considering installing new shelving systems, similar to those pictured. Maybe you're just starting the purging process or strolling through stores looking into options for becoming better organized. Regardless of the inspiration you find keep one thing in mind, keep it simple and take it one step at a time!

Before heading to stores evaluate what you have and what you will be letting go of to determine what is needed in terms of storage. It can be overwhelming to see so many different ways to store items, however having a clear vision for your closet space is an important tool within the process!

The hanger difference! Before and after!

Closet before organize bins

Closet after organize bins

Items I used to give the shelving a little boost and incorporate organization, a basket and bin from Target and my favorite Martha Stewart labels from Avery. Take the initiative to work through those sweaters, tank tops and t-shirts that are taking up shelving space! Store them, colorized, in baskets to save yourself time. Use labels to identify the contents!

Shoe closet organization

Yes you can use shelving for shoes! The shelving units shown here, in the top right photo, are from Ikea. Perfect solutions to display heels! Once the shoe boxes were gone I was able to maximize the space by using over the door shoe organizers as well as pant hangers to hang the boots. Keep it colorized and like with like to easily grab and go.