How To Clean Out Your Closet (and keep it organized) For Good

I get it. You've already read 75 blog posts about tossing out those clothes you're completely over and all of those picture perfect closets you scroll past on Instagram are now getting eye rolls, because who actually has a closet like that? Here's the thing, there is kind of a point to all of my closet talk. You can actually have a super organized closet, filled with everything you love, that doesn't require digging through to find your other shoe. It will save you time, energy and make space for some better things to show up.

Clearing space does have this energetic magic to it, and if you think I'm being a little too "woo woo", just try spending ten minutes decluttering and watch how quickly things will shift.

How to (actually) get rid of things 

Let's take a moment to admit that sometimes it's hard to let go of items that we don't use, and for whatever reason we keep them. We keep them in our closets, tucked into corners, collecting dust and just decide that because there is a sentimental value attached to it, that it should stay. I say- decide what you want your space to say about who you are. And remove anything that does not reflect the person you are in this moment. Remember that items do not hold the sentiment, that is already living inside of you. So it's ok to let those items go.

For every piece of clothing, shoe, purse and jewelry item that has not seen the light of day in over a year, please donate it or throw it away. You will not miss it, because you will replace it with something you love. It's all part of the cycle. Bring in the new. Let go of the old. And repeat.

Make space for only what you love.

Keep your daily routine inside the closet

Once you're left with only what you love, place everything into categories based on your daily routine. Work clothes together, special occasion in a group, casual clothes etc. This will save you buckets of time in your life because you will have created a system that makes sense for the small part of the day you spend deciding on what to wear. See each category as its own little boutique with your name written all over it.

Do the same with shoes, and your accessories. Organizational systems that have function, not necessarily perfection, are the key to easy maintenance. Rather than getting caught up in making anything picture perfect, we should get caught up in what works for us and our lives. Get caught up in saving ourselves time, and surrounding ourselves with items we adore.


The only organizing items you really need

Ok this part might be kind of time consuming, which is why at times people call in the troops and give me a ring. But if you do decide to carve out time in your schedule for this, the one time you commit to it will result in never having to do it again... switch out the hangers.

Be gone plastic, wire and awkward silk hangers that make everything slide off them onto the floor. If you have a small closet invest in no slip hangers, because these will save space, or go with wooden ones if you have a bit more room to work with. Either way these options are best to store your clothing and create this instead streamlined look. Case in point in below photo.


Clear shoe boxes are another magic trick option that takes shoes up off the floor and onto the shelf, and instantly says- I really have it all together, just look at my organized shoe collection. My favorite ones are here. Not sponsored content, I just really love them.

There you have it, a few secrets of pulling it all together in your closet, so that you can feel the positive and joyous effects of organization, that I promise will not disappoint. If you're catching the organizing bug, follow me over on Instagram or on my Facebook page. For my RI locals, I'll be teaching a workshop this July that will dive deep into ways to clear space, and get organized. All the details will be shared soon.

In the meantime, hope you're always living light