The Easy Guide to Saging Your Space


Whenever anyone shares in my love of running around their home with a bundle of sage, white smoke circling around their heads, while reciting powerful affirmations about releasing negative vibes- my heart skips a beat. The practice of burning sage is powerful and important, but unless you have done some research around what it is, and how it actually does all those magical things you have heard, you could be left confused by its positive transformative qualities.

It can seem a bit bizarre at first to picture yourself even attempting to use it. However fear no more, you don’t have to be a shaman or the most spiritual being in all the land to reap its benefits or understand how to use it.

What is Sage Made of?

Sage (salvia officinalis), is an herb that falls within the mint family, and stems from the word heal. It has its roots in the Mediterranean region and is sometimes used to flavor foods. For today’s purposes though we won’t be discussing how to use sage to make a fabulous pork roast.

On a scientific level, which totally drives home my belief in it, it has been proven to clear up to 94% of airborne bacteria and purify the air. It releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people in a positive mood. Yeah, it pretty much rocks.

When Do you Need to Use it?

I have a laundry list of reasons but I’m going with my top 3 to begin saging your space.

  • Moving into a new home or office space.

    All space holds energy, good and bad. We are all energetic beings and at times we may not realize the energy we are consuming within a space, but our bodies will let us know if we tune in. If you feel as though something is off within a room, or an entire home, listen to your instincts. Sage is a powerful tool in the space clearing process.

  • When you need a mood boost.

    Long day? Have a “people hangover?” Maybe you are carrying around some emotions that you know would serve your highest good if they were released. Burn that sage.

  • To reduce allergens.

    Sage does help to clear the air of bugs and bacteria. It can reduce the allergens in the air that stem from pollution, dust and mold. If you using sage to breathe easier, you will feel that air quality change.

The Basics of How to Use Sage

I recommend purchasing a bundle of white sage, you can find some great options on Shamans Market, one of my top picks.

  • Set an intention as to why you are wanting to cleanse the space.

    Whether it be in your home or a space you work in, focus on that intention and hold that intention in your heart, it will be the most powerful piece of clearing the energy within that space.

  • Create your affirmation.

    It can be anything you want it to be that is heart centered around releasing any energy you feel you want removed from your space, and your body. This is energetic healing. One of my favorite examples below~

    “Into this smoke I release all energy that doesn’t serve me, all negativity that surrounds me and all fear that limits me. Please leave through all open doors and windows”

    (P.S. Get the F—- OUT is an ok affirmation)

Now you are ready to begin.

  • Open all doors and windows. All of the energetic release needs a way out.

    Grab the sage as far from the end you are burning as possible. Hold it at a 45 degree angle and light it up. *Important- let it burn for about 20 seconds as you do not want the sage bundle to go up in flames, yikes…and then gently blow out the flame so that you can see embers.

  • Start at the lowest level within the space, move from room to room if you are saging an entire home.

    Use your hand to waft the smoke into all four corners where the ceiling and floors meet. Direct the smoke out through the windows and doorways. Repeat your affirmation (intention) as you go.

  • When you are done, extinguish it by rubbing it in dirt or sand or stamping it out in a ceramic bowl. Do not run water over it. Your precious sage will be down for the count if you do.

Now that the energy in your space is freed from negativity, stagnant energies and pollutants its best to approach it with love. Clearing clutter can be done prior, but also after. Removing anything that no longer serves us opens up room for possibility. Playing music you love, inviting people in that you know have aligned positive energy to share with you is important. This is a process you can repeat as often as needed.

Happy saging!

Always living light,