8 Mantras That Will Leave You Simplifying Your Life Fast

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Have you ever noticed the way you feel after you’re done cleaning your home? How about after you just cleared your closet out of all those clothes you have’t worn in decades? Even cleaning out one drawer is enough to put you under a magical spell of lightness, feeling as though your mind is completely clear.

What you’re experiencing is an actual rewiring of your brain in response to the space now being free and clear. This is when you need to keep going.

Clutter has a sneaky way of making us feel distracted, tired and unproductive. Simplified spaces that allow movement, flow and clarity have an energetic life force that transforms the space, but more importantly, our insides.

The next time you walk into your home and feel as though your energy is being zapped, or you are feeling restless, you can decide to reframe it. Here are some simplicity mantras meant to motivate. Tack them up on the fridge, the bathroom mirror or wherever you need a reminder to choose you over your stuff.

Lightness over Heaviness

Clarity over Clutter

Space over Confinement

Gratitude over Unappreciation

Flow over Stagnant

Freedom over Difficulty

Inspired over Unmotivated

Growth over Regression

May you always choose light over heavy,