The Inside Scoop:

Who: Lauren Giammarco Silveira

Why: I’ve always had a love for home, and a deep appreciation for my roots. Growing up in Rhode Island, I was strongly influenced by my grandmother and mother who took so much pride in their homes. Home for me was a gathering place for family and friends to laugh, eat and just be themselves. I actually enjoyed cleaning, organizing and rearranging my bedroom.

When I started Organized for Life in 2012 it was because I wanted to take this slight obsession with home that I have and sprinkle it around like confetti.

The spaces that we live and work in are directly connected to the way that we feel. I can say with certainty our lives can be transformed when we begin to remove anything that no longer serves us.

Where: Hometown Cranston, currently with digs in Cumberland.

Inspiration: Anything that can be decluttered (duh), roaming aimlessly around The Container Store, authenticity, sunsets, travel.

Bragging Rights: Self published author, Feng Shui certified, RI Realtor, tap dancing since 5.