“I recently hired Lauren from Organized for Life to organize my children’s room as well as reorganize my closets. She responded to me immediately upon emailing her with my issue. She sat down with me and went over her plan and her vision. This was such an overwhelming project and years of accumulating things and I just didn’t know where to begin. Lauren made it look seamless. I can now open my closet doors and not feel the stress of clutter. I am now “Organized for Life.” Thank you!”

~ Jenna Williams, Providence, RI

“My laundry/arts and crafts closet was quite the project. Organized for Life worked her magic once again…amazing! Thanks a million!”

~ Kristen Stratford, Middletown, RI 

“Organized for Life transformed the space into the most organized, cleanest room in the house. Lauren literally doubled the closet and drawer space. We now have plenty of room for clothes, bibs, toys, changing needs etc. If any of you are feeling overwhelmed by a huge project or just a closet Organized for Life can help!”

~ Dayna Izzi, Cranston, RI

“You were amazing today! We can’t thank you enough for helpful suggestions and creative ideas. You really helped up improve our preparation for presenting our home in the best possible light. We love everything you did and can’t wait to see you again. You are such a pleasure to work with and Organized for Life is a great service for anyone who needs organizing, de-cluttering, staging, and providing peace of mind to all of her customers!! We are blessed to know you Lauren! Thanks again!

~ Lynn Sheehan, Charlestown, RI

“You’re an inspiration. I LOVE what you are able to do for people. I’ve been following you for a while, and although it’s taking me forever lol I’m slowly starting to get my time back. Feeling less oppressed in my room because of getting rid of clutter. Thank you!”

~ Facebook Fanpage