Once Upon a Time Creation, Transforming Your Treasures into Keepsakes

Once Upon a Time Creation transforms your treasured clothing into lasting keepsakes…

“I just can’t part with these clothes! They hold such special memories for my family, but what can I do with them?”

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Do you have sentimental clothing collecting dust in your attic? Maybe it’s your collection of concert tees or your husband’s jerseys.

Maybe you’ve saved your favorite outgrown baby clothes, like the outfit your baby wore home from the hospital and the adorable dresses your princess loved.

Once Upon a Time Creation_girl_dresses_lovie keepsake1

Or maybe you inherited your grandmother’s vintage wedding dress or grandfather’s famous flannels.

Once Upon a TIme Creation_remembrance_red shirt ornaments 1We hold onto these things because they hold special memories for us. When we look at them, we smile and remember all those happy memories

The problem is that these precious clothes are hard to enjoy when they are all boxed up. Did you know that these treasured clothes can be transformed into beautiful, functional, lasting keepsakes?

Once Upon a TIme Creation_wedding_gown_keepsakes 1

Yes, beautiful AND functional! You can have it all and we are here to help. Our goal is to design your creation to match your lifestyle so you can enjoy your memories every day. Here is a sneak peek into our studio so you can see how the magic happens

The process is so easy! Everything can be done by mail or in person if you are local to Philadelphia. No two creations are ever alike, so if you are looking for a truly unique gift, you have found your solution. To see the custom keepsakes we have already created, please visit our website (www.OnceUponaTimeCreation.com) or join us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest @OnceUponaTimeCreation). Please contact me with any questions you may have (610-202-7850 or jen at onceuponatimecreation.com).


Looking forward to creating a keepsake that you will love for years to come,







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