Bookings and Pricing


Time- 30 minutes to 1 hour

Cost- $75

Value- Following the consult you will receive, via email, a proposal detailing the project time, specifics of the project and suggestions on organizational items needed, if applicable. *This amount is credited towards the project rate.

Hourly Rates


$65 for team of 2

Shopping Rate

Cost- $100 flat fee

Value- Save yourself time and allow Organized for Life to purchase any needed items for the project and take care of returns.

All purchases are subject to the client’s budget, outlined in the project proposal and discussed in detail.


Total Declutter

Cost $900

Value- This is for you if you are feeling as though your home needs a complete organized make-over. If you are spending hours searching for items, and if the stress and overwhelm of a disorganized home is zapping your precious energy. It includes a full organizational revamp, and will leave you feeling as though your home is your sanctuary. Organized for Life will delcutter each room, implement lasting systems and complete the project with its signature style.

The Revisit

Cost $200

Value- We’re busy bees in life, Organized for Life gets that. This is for the client who needs a refresh in their home regularly, or on occasion. Everything will be restored to reflect an organized and simplified space.

Holiday Cheer

Cost $250 (Up to 6 Hours, $25 per hour thereafter)

Value- Take the stress out of the holidays and allow Organized for Life to breathe new life into your home through the magic of the holiday season. This package includes decorating your home as well as creating a holiday tablescape that will wow your guests. Price does not include materials and décor.

Feng Shui for Life

Cost $200

Value- Organized for Life believes the spaces we live in are deeply connected to the way we feel. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is rooted in this belief, and applies a system of laws through spatial arrangements within a space that favors the energy and flow. If you are looking for easy and budget friendly ways to implement this practice into your home, Organized for Life will work with you to create an environment filled with harmony, peace and calm.

Love it While Listing It  

Cost $300

Value- Selling your home and feel it needs a little pick me up for interested buyers? This package will allow potential buyers to mentally move in the moment they walk through the door. It includes decluttering, inviting in new décor and spatial rearranging where necessary.

Gift certificates available

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy. Payments are taken at the completion of the session which include the total session fee and any items purchased. Cash, checks and major credit cards are accepted.

For information on the Organized for Life coaching sessions please call 401-369-4476 or complete the contact form.

Gift certificates

Organized for Life loves gift gifting and gift certificates are available! You can purchase your gift certificate right here on the site using PayPal and it will be mailed directly to you. Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery. There are no refunds or exchanges when purchasing a gift certificate. The expiration date is one year from the date of issuance.


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