About Organized for Life

My Why

“I consider myself to be a space healer. I walk into a home and the goal is always the same. To create the joys of a living space I believe everyone deserves. A space we love, where we can be ourselves and feel at home”

 When I started Organized for Life in 2012 it was because I wanted to take this slight obsession with home that I have and sprinkle it around like confetti.
The spaces that we live and work in are directly connected to the way that we feel. I can say with certainty our lives can be transformed when we begin to remove anything that no longer serves us. I prefer to think of myself as someone who helps others transform a space from cluttered and uninspiring, to simplified and filled with life.

Official bio

I’ve always had a love for home, and a deep appreciation for my roots. Growing up in Rhode Island, I was strongly influenced by my grandmother and mother who took so much pride in their homes. Home for me was a gathering place for family and friends to laugh, eat and just be themselves. I actually enjoyed cleaning, organizing and rearranging my bedroom. It all seemed to come natural for me to want to recreate spaces.

After years working in retail management, merchandising and account management I felt the urge to begin blogging about my love for home and simplifying. It all started with a blog post about organizing my sister’s walk in closet. It then grew into videos about in home organizing projects, and was catching some attention. Eventually Organized for Life was born.

The journey of following my love for home has been nothing short of amazing. In over five years I have helped so many transform the spaces in their homes, have led workshops on the power of simplicity and been featured on The Rhode Show, in the RI Small Business Journal and RI Parent Magazine to name a few. I am on the editorial team for The Lady Project, and have been featured on the Organize Mindfully podcast. Being able to help others declutter and take back their space is a dream for me. Being able to chat about it is fantastic.

What Inspires Me

I am currently working towards my certification in Feng Shui Interior Design and completed my first book, House + Home = Love. Contact me here to order your copy.

You can follow along on my blog and visit the Organized for Life site anytime, subscribe to my organization inspiration or if you’re looking to add some magic to your home contact me here.

Here’s to always living light.